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Labour will split with a whimper, not a bang.

A large portion of the people who were in the Labour Party will not be in it shortly.

Some will just leave and drift out of direct participation in political parties.

Some may join the Lib-Dems.

Some MPs may resign the whip and form a new group in parliament?—?one which may even mutate into a political party with an infrastructure of its own. If this happens, it’s possible that it would reach some kind of accommodation with the Lib-Dems. This would be an SDP MkII without the fanfare. Or the big hitters.

Who knows?
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You say you like democracy, but you don’t really, do you?

…maybe we need to find a new word for the things that we keep referring to as ‘democracy’. They usually look a lot more like ‘politics’ to me, and politics has been around for thousands of years in which ‘democracy’ was a dirty word.

Maybe its time that we stopped hiding behind the pretence that ‘democracy’ is a contested word and started deciding whether we really want to live in one or not?

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Scuttling HMS Keir Hardie

Labour MPs will have to make a calculation; They either accept defeat and walk away, handing all of the assets and the incumbency to their biggest political rivals, or they may decide that they’re not leaving without the sort of fight that will make the surviving party useless to anyone who wanted to use it once they have gone.

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‘Democracy’ is not the same thing as ‘politics’ – a digression

Because this is the early part of an experiment with long-form writing broken down into blog-posts, at the end of the last post, I thought I needed to digress a bit into the question of how politics and democracy isn’t the same thing. I’ve tried out for this and here are the posts.

  1. Democracy rather than politics?
  2. If you can’t beat ’em, should you join ’em?
  3. Challenging ‘political’ rule – why now?

I hope they’re worth a look – I don’t want to break the flow (!) here…..