About P.E.

This site is to help me with a book about change and democracy that I am currently writing. It is an extension of the work I did on the Political Innovation project (est: 2009) a few years ago with the help of a few friends.
The Political Innovation project

My day-job is for the entertainment trade union BECTU and nothing that I say here, or on any social media is said on BECTU’s behalf unless I indicate otherwise.

Norman Geras’ blog featured a profile of me here a while ago.

The 8Values axis has me here…

8Values Libertarian Socialism

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… though a full answer to a lot of their questions would have been “it’s complicated”

A few years ago, I did some blog-related work in Northern Ireland with Mick Fealty of Slugger O’Toole [my posts here].

The Political Innovation project provided a base to work on the think-tank funding watchdog Who Funds You site with a few like-minded friends.

I am also the whistle player for The Pogue Traders – a Pogues tribute band. We can be seen regularly playing all over London, and, occasionally, elsewhere in the UK.

Paul Evans Pogue Traders