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Save Democracy Abolish VotingThis website is a personal homepage.

It’s here, largely, to help promote the book “Save Democracy – Abolish Voting”, published by The Democratic Society in November 2017.

Details of the book can be seen here. Some extracts have been published on this site here.

It is an extension of the work I did on the Political Innovation project (est: 2009) a few years ago with the help of a few friends.
The Political Innovation project

My day-job is for the entertainment trade union BECTU and nothing that I say here, or on any social media is said on BECTU’s behalf unless I indicate otherwise.

Norman Geras’ blog featured a profile of me here a while ago.

The 8Values axis has me here…

8Values Libertarian Socialism

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… though a full answer to a lot of their questions would have been “it’s complicated”

Pinned tweet

Because my current pinned tweet is a bit of self-promotion around the book, I’ve had to replace this – something I’d intended to be at the top of my Twitter profile as a forecast. I’m leaving it here because when you’re proved wrong you should own it, shouldn’t you?

A few years ago, I did some blog-related work in Northern Ireland with Mick Fealty of Slugger O’Toole [my posts here].

The Political Innovation project provided a base to work on the think-tank funding watchdog Who Funds You site with a few like-minded friends.

I am also the whistle player for The Pogue Traders – a Pogues tribute band. We can be seen regularly playing all over London, and, occasionally, elsewhere in the UK.

Paul Evans Pogue Traders